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Gente di Mare Italian Genealogy

The Descendants Of Luigi Napolitano

San Fili Cosenza, Italy

Stemma di Cosenzar

Luigi was the son of Francesco Napolitano. He was born in San Fili, Cosenza, Italy and married Saveria Rovella, daughter of Raffaele Rovella. Below is a list of their children, all born in San Fili, Cosenza, Italia. The information listed thus far was taken from their birth acts which was researched and extracted through microfilms at the Family History Center by Professional Genealogist and good friend, Trish Mirarchi from Where The Acorn Fell Genealogy Services. I highly recommend her services. For more records of Napolitano births, please visit Calabrian Genealogy.

Children of Of Luigi & Saveria Rovella


  • Born: 1 May 1866 - San Fili, Cosenza, Italy
    Married: Never Married; Became a Priest
    Died: Marzi, Cosenza, Italy


  • Born: 2 Jan 1869 Page 2 - San Fili, Cosenza, Italy
    Married: Unknown
    Died: Unknown


  • Born: 4 Sep 1871 - San Fili, Cosenza, Italy
    Married: Unknown
    Died: 27 Aug 1953 - San Fili, Cosenza, Italy


  • Born: 8 Oct 1875 - San Fili, Cosenza, Italy
    Married: Unknown
    Died: Unknown
Died: Unknown


  • Born: 15 Oct 1878 - San Fili, Cosenza, Italy
    Married: Emilio Francesco SALVATI
    20 May 1903 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy
    Died: 10 Jan 1958 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy


  • Born: 7 Apr 1886 - San Fili, Cosenza, Italy
    Married: Unknown
    Died: Unknown - Malito, Cosenza, Italy

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The Next Generation...

The Descendants Of Emilio Francesco Salvati

Malito, Cosenza

Emilio was the son of Francesco Cardamone and Maria Teresa Nucci (not his biological parents). He married Francesco Raffaella Napolitano and they had 8 children. Ernesto was the oldest son born to Francesco and Francesca and was my Maternal Grandfather. He married Erminia Polito, daughter of Giovanni Polito and Vincenza Macchione. Funny enough, Ernesto's oldest sister married Erminia's oldest brother in a double ceremony in 1930.

Children of Emilio Francesco Salvati & Raffaella Napolitano


  • Born: 27 Jan 1904 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy
    Married: Antonio POLITO
    16 Feb 1930 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy
    Died: After 1985 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy


  • Born: 6 Jun 1908 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy
    Married: Erminia Polito
    16 Feb 1930 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy
    Died: 8 Jan 1975 - Yonkers, Westchester County, New York


  • Born: 7 July 1908 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy
    Died: 29 May 1910 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy


  • Born: 8 Dec 1910 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy
    Married: Ada BOMBINO
    Malito, Cosenza, Italy
    Died: 1940 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy


  • Born: Abt 1913 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy
    Married: Luigi MONTERA
    Malito, Cosenza, Italy
    Died: Malito, Cosenza, Italy


  • Born: Abt 1918 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy
    Died: 25 Aug 1943 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy


  • Born: Abt 1922 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy
    Married: Nella FERRARI
    Cosenza, Italy
    Died: 8 Jan 2007 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy


  • Born: Aft 1923 - Malito, Cosenza, Italy
    Married: Gaetano GAROFALO
    Malito, Cosenza, Italy
    Died: Milano,Italy

*=Direct Ancestor

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