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These records were extracted from the 1889 microfilms for Reggio Calabria. At this time, I have only extracted my own family surnames but with time I hope to extract all the names on the film, so please check back for future updates. If you have any questions about this or any other pages on this site, or are interested in exchanging information, please feel free to contact me. Alternatively, you can also visit Gente di Mare Forum for all your genealogy needs or check out the new Italian Surname Database for a complete list of names which our members have contributed.

Angilletta & Fuda Births Recorded in Reggio Calabria 1889

Angilletta Births
Birth Name Father's Name Mother's Name Town
27 Aug 1889 *Enrico Rocco Maria Andrianò Ardore
24 Aug 1889 Teresa Vincenzo Carmela Condò Caulonia
13 Feb 1889 Elisabetta Rocco Maria Mercuri Grotteria
9 Jul 1889 Maria Caterina Giuseppe Rosalia Soverico Grotteria
12 Jul 1889 Nicodemo Tomasso Teresa Nigro Grotteria
8 Sep 1889 Maria Filomena Lucia Vincenzo Maria Rosa Maggio Grotteria
1 Jan 1889 Salvatore Vincenzo Maria Nunziata Lombardo Mammola
27 Feb 1889 Antonio Bruno Nicodemo Elisabetta Lombardo Mammola
2 Mar 1889 Maria Teresa Domenico Filomena Bruzzese Mammola
Fuda Births
Birth Name Father's Name Mother's Name Town
19 Jan 1889 Rosa Ilario Teresa Ciccarello Caulonia
17 Aug 1889 Caterina Nicola Grazia Spano Caulonia
31 Aug 1889 Rosa Domenico Grazia Rubino Caulonia
24 Aug 1889 *Domenica Caterina Nicodemo Angela Ferraro Gerace Marina
29 Jan 1889 Anna Rosa Natale Maria Agostino Grotteria
8 Feb 1889 Vincenzo Giuseppe Caterina Mesiti Grotteria
19 Apr 1889 Maria Rosa Pasqualina Rocco Rosa Bambino Grotteria
13 Aug 1889 Maria Rosa Giuseppe Carmela Lombardo Grotteria
15 Nov 1889 Rocco Vincenzo Domenico Rosa Buttiglieri Grotteria
22 Jan 1889 Vincenzo Pasquale Grazia Masdea Martone
6 Feb 1889 Giuseppe Raffaele Nicola Gabriela Calvi Martone
1 Mar 1889 Giuseppe Vincenzo Rosa Loccisano Martone
13 Mar 1889 Giuseppe Luigi Caterina Lombardo Martone
6 Apr 1889 Michele Giovanni Teresa Verteramo Martone
28 May 1889 Giacomo Vincenzo Maria Vumbacca Martone
23 Nov1889 Domenicoantonio Giovanni Maria Teresa LaRosa Roccella Jonica
21 Apr 1889 Maria Nunziata Domenico Filomena Barbieri Siderno
19 Dec 1889 Giuseppe Vincenzo Rocco Raffaella Bova Stilo