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As of Dec 2015 we've moved to our new home We have slowly been trying to transfer all info from the old site over as the new site will host the Database and Blog all in one place. This site will no longer be updated and will be shut down as of April 2016. We hope that you will try and stick with us while we make the transition as these types of moves often have some 'hiccups'. We look forward to an exciting 2016 and wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year! ~nuccia

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Popular Baby Names 1911 vs 2011

Thought this article shared by Bill West of West in New England on Facebook this morning about most popular baby names over the last century was kinda of fun.
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Requests for Searches

As most of you know I love researching almost anything but most specifically anything to do with Italian Surnames. Unfortunately researching anything takes time
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Searching for Common Surnames - Ancestry Article by Juliana Smith

Ok, so not all Italians have 'common' surnames - or do they? Italian names in general can be tricky. Usually both first and last names are common as we can see by the two most common first names Giuseppe and Maria.
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A reader wrote asking about the surname Molinelli. It appears that all Molinelli listed on the ship manifests I looked at that went through Ellis Island were from Bertone..
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Updates! 10 October 2011

Over 100 new names added this month to the Italian Surname Database.

Italy - Origins of the Name

The name Italy (Italia) is an ancient name for the country and people of Southern Italy. Mythological roots of the name date back to a legendary ancient king named 'Italus',
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Longest and Shortest Italian Surnames

Italian Names is an interesting website packed full of information and tidbits about Italian Names.
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Oh oh - Crash!

Lost two months worth of data when I tried to upload the new database! I always back things up but I guess in my haste..
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Italian -Jewish Surnames - Part 2

Genealogia Dieli Genealogy, is the Sicilian-Jewish Genealogy site maintained by webmaster Arthur Dieli who has traced the Dieli surname back to 1648.
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